Accounting or Bookkeeping

Accounting or bookkeeping services provider Green Beans Bookkeeping Services handles limited to full charge bookkeeping for interior design and many other types of small businesses throughout greater Los Angeles. As certified QuickBooks specialists, Green Beans Bookkeeping offers accounting services ranging from accounts receivable (AR), accounts payable (AP) and general ledger management, to bank and credit card reconciliation, to payroll, and much more. Review our accounting and bookkeeping services for more details about the available options, or skip straight to request your FREE consultation.

QuickBooks Certified & Small Business Accounting Software Specialists

Technology has made it easier than ever to manage sales transactions and track financial records. But technology’s constant evolution has also made it difficult to keep pace with new hardware and software. As a result, software incompatibility between businesses and bookkeeping venders is a growing issue. Green Beans Bookkeeping has recognized this productivity killer and moved beyond basic QuickBooks services. We develop solutions to bridge software applications that are personalized to your business’s particular needs. Whatever your interior design business’s bookkeeping requirements, Green Beans will tailor a solution that functions seamlessly within the normal flow of your business.

Your Professional Accounting and Bookkeeping Services Partner

Combining expert bookkeeping services, with interior design business expertise, and technical know-how, Green Beans will conquer your most complicated bookkeeping tasks. Ask Green Beans Bookkeeping NOW to request your FREE consultation TODAY!